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Born and raised in the Kingdom of Cambodia, 1969 he was sent to Weimar (Germany) by Prince Sihanouk to study the art and technique of European Music. Afther graduating excellently from the Franz-Liszt University in the field of Cello, he became one of the founder of the legendary music group Bayon.

He early developed his unique style of playing combining the Khmer-Pentatonic with Elements of Classic, Jazz and Rock. Firstly as Bayon- Member, and from the late 80s on also in other musical constellations, he took part in numerous large scaled projects and theatre produtions.

Aside from his own recordings on LPs and CDs, he has been frequently asked to compose, perform and record by the order of Radio, film and television. His Solo performances places of cultural interest all over Europe and the Unite States. Thet´s incredible variety as Cellist is reflected in the richness of his interpretation spectrum, which constandly calls for, elicits or sofly palms never heard tones and sounds out of his instrument.

In his personality as on artist, Asian and European musical traditions melt to one finding their expression in absolute machtchlessness.

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Sonny Thet mit "Barcarole"


Sonny Thet - Cello Royal

Söhne, Mond & Sterne
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Sonny Thet & Bayon